A Year In A Glance for Seattle Floating Home Sales in 2013

Wallingford ViewA Year In A Glance for Seattle Floating Home Sales in 2013

It’s official!  The numbers are in and as we near the end of 2013, it’s been a great year for floating home sales.  I excused any vessels –  which would be houseboats and housebarges that sold during 2012 and 2013.  So these statistics are just floating homes on Lake Union and Portage Bay.

The same number of floating homes sold this year as last year (19 in total) but the great news is there were less days on the market (95 days compared to 145 days in 2012) and the home prices increased from $589.51 per square foot to $770.65 a square foot for this year.   The median price for 2013 is $855,00 taking the highest sold this year ($1,450,000) and the lowest ($455,000).  In 2012, the median price was $537,000 (highest sold in 2012 was $3M and the lowest was $250,000).

So if you’re a floating home owner, this is great news!  As you might have guessed, we had a phenomenal year with land homes – many receiving 10 to 20 offers and up to $80,000+ over list price. I come across a lot of prospective floating home buyers but because floating homes are limited to only about 500 of them, the buyer must wait for the right one for them to become available.  There isn’t really multiple offers for them or bids that go over list price, if at all.  Having 19 floating homes sell this year is simply awesome.

If you’re a floating home owner and thinking of selling, please contact us, Molly or Courtney for a free analysis and to chat about your goals.
If you’re a floating home buyer and thinking of buying in 2014, it’s a good idea to get informed now of how these transactions work as they’re a little different.