Window cleaning and Floating Homes: This was the request we found on the Facebook Fan Page for Seattle Houseboats this AM: “We are looking for a referral for a window cleaning company that can do a two story floating home with no side decks.”

Funny – I had this exact question yesterday at my open house on one of The Log Foundation docks. It wasn’t an issue for the particular Eastlake Floating home I was holding open because it happens to have a spectacular offering of walk around decks, but one of the open house visitors pointed across the channel and asked that exact question.

So how do you clean the upper story of Seattle floating home windows?

Obviously, you would need to clean the exterior windows in a Lake Union friendly manner. Sit in a kayak with an extra long extending squeegee? What are some of your earth friendly solutions? Do you have someone that does that for you? Let us know and we will get the word out!


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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I have a few different options for cleaning those windows for you on your floating homes.
    1. Using an ECO-FRIENDLY cleaning solution. I would use white vinegar mixed 1/4 cup to 2 1/2 gallons of water. If you have ladder access GREAT! Your job should be easy, but if you don’t, you have two options.The first if you have windows that are sliders you can usually remove the sliding pane to clean the outside of it and the one next to it from inside.If they are fixed windows your best bet would be finding a friend with a boat, or offering a local a few bucks to use theirs for a few hours!. I
    would not suggest using a canoe or kayak for this unless you want to spend more time in the lake swimming than on the boat.(Using a long pole with a squeegee or cleaning head takes a lot of finesse as it is. Its like adding 100 pounds to the edge of the boat, and a small watercraft is just not stable enough to support you and do the work.
    2. Your second option is same as above except you are using a water fed pole system like the Pro’s use on office buildings. It just uses either straight water or a water purification system.
    3. Last option is to Call us, We have the tools, equipment and know how to get even the toughest jobs done and we specialize in ECO-friendly cleaning solutions.
    Hope this helps,
    Nick Probst
    In N Out Window & Gutter Cleaning, LLC

  2. Jessica

    Nick – thank you for your detailed reply and we will be in touch!

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