Seattle Boat Company’s Lake Union Skylaunch Marina was ablaze yesterday and CEO Alan Bohling issues a statement on Facebook:

It is too soon to tell the full extent of the damage from tonight’s fire, but preliminary reports indicate that fourteen boats were destroyed tonight at the Lake Union Skylaunch Marina. The initial boat ignited in flames was closest to Northlake Way. We believe that an errant fireworks from the hillside above landed inside a Skylaunch vessel. This spread quickly but with heroic effort of Seattle Boat Company staff, we have prevented a much worse potential circumstance.

Mr. Bohling went on to thank his employees on site and also the Seattle Fire Department for their quick response.  If only 14 boats were destroyed, then they definitely reacted well to this crazy fluke event.  According to Bohling, the Seattle Fire Department is conducting  a thorough investigation.  Boat owners affected by this fire will be contacted via email and telephone so if you don’t get an email or a call, your boat is most likely safe.

Lake Union’s Skylaunch Marina is fully operational today despite yesterday’s events and will be open during regular business hours.  Seattle Boat Company is an extremely reputable company and everyone we know who stores their boat there highly recommends them.   You can see more information on their services here:

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