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The Log Foundation, The Lake Union, Wandesforde, DOX, Fairview Moorings, Boston Rose, Tenas Chuck, Willow Dock, Flo Villa, Phoenix Moorage, Mallard Cove, Roanoke Reef, TUI TUI, Fairview Landing, Hamlin Pier, 2460 Sleepless Inc, Westlake Cove, Nesika Chuck, Willow Cove, Houseboat Harbor, Portage Bay Condo, Brackett, Boyer on the Bay, Boat Street, Dock Society, The Old Boathouse, Lee's Moorings, Dock Henderson, Shelby Group, Fuhrman Dock, Salix, 2420 Co-op, more - You can find Seattle houseboats (floating homes) on Fairview Ave E in Eastlake, Westlake Ave N in Westlake and also under the Aurora Bridge and in Northlake, on E Shelby, N Northlake Way, E Hamlin Street, Boat Street at UW, Boyer Ave E, Fuhrman Ave E, Portage Bay Place E, 10 E Roanoke.
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Luxury Seattle Floating Homes: This Market Is Staying Afloat!

Luxury Seattle Floating Homes: This Market Is Staying Afloat!

If you have been in the market as a buyer or seller of Seattle floating homes recently, then you know that it is quite a healthy real estate market. In fact as I wrote recently which was published by the Seattle PI, Seattle floating home sales have already exceeded the volume of both 2010 and 2011!

The entire houseboat market in general is quite healthy in fact, but never have I seen so many luxury Seattle floating homes change hands in any given time frame as I have seen recently.

Seattle luxury floating homes have sold extremely fast with very little marketing time, and have had extremely favorable elements for the sellers including all or mostly cash offers, high net worth buyers with A+ credit for the loans if used, and multiple buyers for one house. It has effectively made the Seattle floating homes market in general a seller’s market, but never so much as it is for the higher end Seattle luxury floating homes.

seattle floating homesLet’s take a look at some of the more recent luxury Seattle floating home sales:

  • 2600 Fairview (Mallard Cove Dock) $950,000 in March 2012
  • 10 E Roanoke (Roanoke Reef) $1,250,000 in June 2012
  • 2700 Boyer Ave E (Portage Bay) $2,025,000 in July 2012

In addition, there is a Fairview Landing floating home currently pending in the MLS with multiple offers listed at $3,375,000 which if finalized in escrow will go down as the largest floating home sale on Lake Union. This market is afloat! Let me know if you need my help buying or selling your next Seattle floating home. courtney@cooperjacobs.com

There are no barriers except the ones you put on yourself.

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