New Floating Home Listing For Sale In Seattle

New Floating Home For Sale In Seattle and it’s a beauty!  It’s one thing to have a gorgeous floating home, like this one, but it’s the cherry on top when it happens to be on a dock such as Roanoke Reef.

seattle floating homesRoanoke Reef has an interesting history.  It began in the 1970’s when houseboaters were trying to reclaim their homes back from the grasps of the city.  When a developer began building an over water apartment building (the second one on Eastlake) the houseboaters protested and won!  So what began as an apartment building soon transformed into the beautiful Roanoke Reef floating home community we have today.  It look them seven years of battle, but they won nonetheless.

And now you can own a piece of history!  This gorgeous 2 bed / 2.25 bath can be yours.  Lounge on the massive roof top deck, soak in the sights and sounds of seaplanes, crew teams, mountain and city views.  Park in your own garage parking spot with additional storage unit.  Wonderful neighbors, fantastic moorage (45×11) and an all-around sound investment.  Spectacular!

It’s undeniable that houseboats and floating homes are just as much apart of the Seattle skyline and history as the towering Space Needle.  These guys are here to stay thanks to the Floating Home Association and the vibrant community/advocates.