Puget Sound Waterfront Homes
Puget Sound Waterfront Homes have something for everyone from lakefront to floating homes to island hopping, and more, we are your waterfront experts and have you covered.

Puget Sound Waterfront Homes – Everyone knows Seattle has incredible waterfront estates! Did you know that if you go just a little further out that you will start to see more of the beauty that reaches across this great state. In fact, the greater Puget Sound is filled with incredible and stunning waterfront properties. Whether you are looking for something on a lake or on the Puget Sound, we have you covered. There are so many choices! You might know exactly what you want or you might be just browsing. Either way, take a peek at the waterfront listings below and you may find some unexpected surprises!

Your Puget Sound Waterfront Homes Experts

Seattle Afloat is more than just floating homes and prides itself in its long history of waterfront expertise. There are many ins and outs of the intricacies involved with waterfront features. Many of our highly qualified vendor partners can be readily recommended and available for anything you need. This can be a great asset for inspections and ongoing home ownership including seawalls, dock maintenance, repair/replacement, etc. If you re looking for a great resource in the Seattle boat world for when you look for your toys to go with your home, then we can help with that as well.

We look forward to helping you find your perfect spot among the beautiful Puget Sound waterfront homes. With waterfront brokers in every corner of the state and partners in neighboring states, we are your one stop waterfront advocates. We are happy to consult with you and see if we would be a good fit for your waterfront home goals. Please call/text 206-850-8841 or email us you specific needs to waterfront@cooperjacobs.com

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