Beyond Lake Union: Seafair Begins in Green Lake

Seafair Begins in Green Lake

Seattle, and more specifically Green Lake, owe alot to Mr. Walter Van Camp.

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Seattle’s Green Lake

It was Seattle’s centennial.  The year was 1951.  Seattle craved international recognition.  So what is a city to do?  They hire a water carnival director from Minnesota.  Walter Van Camp was instrumental in putting Seafair on the  map for the Pacific Northwest.  He had his agenda in one hand and his deadline in the other.  He declared 10 days in August will be the Seafair festival!

Lake Union with Queen Ann on the right

So how did Seafair begin in Green Lake?  Mr. Van Camp created the 5,000 seat Aqua Theater in Green Lake on the southwest shores in a mere 75 days so families could enjoy the Aqua Follies, Aqua Dears, boat races, parades, stunning high dive acts and comedy skits.

Seafair has grown over the 61 years and considers to be the Kentucky Derby on the water.  2 million + people a year gear up for Seafair.   Parades, pirates, and planes and more planes attract our sights and sounds and remind us that Seattle is one of the best places to live and rich with community camaraderie.

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