Seattle Floating Homes Sales for 2012 Have Exceeded both 2011 & 2010 Market Numbers…and we are only in September

Seattle luxury floating homes

The official count of number of Seattle floating homes sold this year is now even with all of 2011 as well as all of 2010.  13 Floating homes sold this year so far.  I also happen to have closed on a Westlake floating home that I sold yesterday which has not gotten into the official records in the MLS yet, so we are actually at 14 for 2012 so far and have more to come including what could be the highest recorded sale of a Seattle luxury floating home in history.

Here are the details for 13 of the 14 sales which have closed this year so far:


details of floating homes sales 092012

In addition, if you are looking for Seattle floating homes sales of the past:

Seattle floating homes historical sales data

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