Just sent out Volunteer thank you notes for the Seattle Floating Homes Tour 2010: 

Dear Floating Homes Community volunteer:

As we wrap up the final accounting and logistics from the September tour of houseboats and we wanted to do a final shout out to all of you who volunteered the day of the tour.  The day was beautiful, we were completely sold out, and everyone seemed to have a fun and memorable time.

We do this tour every other year with the dual purpose of reminding greater Seattle of our important community that is uniquely intrinsic to the history of Seattle, and to raise money for the Floating Homes Association.  This money is important and necessary to our day-to-day involvement in legal and political issues that affect houseboats and the environment we live in and on.

We truly could not have done it without you, so thank you for the time, energy and information that you shared.


Bill Keasler, FHA President

Catherine Major, Tour Chairperson

Courtney Cooper, Volunteer Coordinator

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