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The Seattle Floating Homes Association is in place to support this historic and unique neighborhood which happens to be an anchor of Seattle culture in my own opinion.  Here is the latest from their Floating Newsletter –

Important issues which are getting some good support, but we would love your support, too.  Amalia has been doing a phenomenal job on this task and she deserves some applause for it.  Please support the Floating Homes Association’s cause by donating to them.  We donate to the FHA every time we sell a houseboat and we encourage you to become of member and help out where you can.

Basically, the new legislation will define houseboats as a water-dependent use which would ensure the protection and sustainability of the community going forward.  Here is what the Floating Homes Association has to say about it:

Floating Homes News 2/2/2011

New Legislative Bill to Secure the Future of Our Houseboat Community

The Shoreline Management Program Committee is pleased to announce the introduction of a legislative bill that would secure the future of our historic houseboat community by giving our homes preferred, water-dependent status on the lake.

We are grateful for the support of Representatives Pedersen, Carlyle and Upthegrove, Senators Murray and Kohl-Welles and members of the House Local Government Committee. Please find a press release and related links below. We encourage you to direct any questions or comments to the Committee Chair, Amalia Walton.

Amalia can be reached at


“The diversity of housing options in Seattle is a reflection of its people. Our houseboat communities are a key piece of our rich history and unique identity. The same is true in many communities across our state.

“As required by the state’s Shoreline Management Act, Seattle is currently updating its shoreline regulations. These regulations deal in part with houseboat effects on the environment. The proposed changes will significantly compromise the ability of some of these families to remain in their homes, since they will likely face new, unexpected costs to comply with stricter regulations. Regulating people out of their homes is not acceptable. We have introduced House Bill 1783 to recognize houseboats as a protected, legitimate use of shorelines.

“Seattle, other cities, and the state will continue to balance environmental and housing policy for generations to come. This proposal will help to preserve an important piece of our history while also protecting our shorelines.”


Peterson, Carlyle announcement:
Bill information:

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