Still Afloat: Seattle Floating Homes – Wonder Where That Name Came From?

Still Afloat:  Seattle Floating HomesStill Afloat:  A Contemporary History Of Seattle’s Floating Homes  is a temporary exhibit at MOHAI which showcases what else?  Seattle’s floating homes. It started yesterday and runs through November 3rd.

The Still Afloat exhibit is sure to entertain and educate you on all the aspects of Life Afloat on Lake Union and Portage Bay.  If you want to explore the history and current events of one of Seattle’s most iconic neighborhoods, then this is a great place to start.

You can also learn more about Seattle floating homes here:

  • : Seattle’s first and most read Seattle houseboats blog.  This is a great place to find pictures and current information about happenings in the houseboat community as well as some of the highlighted floating homes which are for sale.  If you are interested in getting your Seattle floating home highlighted on the site, please email
  • :  Cooper Jacobs Real Estate is a premiere seller of Seattle floating homes with Realtors in the office that specifically focus on the neighborhood and uniquness of this real estate product.  You can find all Seattle floating homes for sale on this site.
  • The Seattle Floating Homes Association:  Want to see current and past newsletters form the houseboats community?  This is a great place to read up!  Support FHA so that they can continue to do all of the great work they do and keep Seattle floating homes afloat.  The FHA is why Seattle’s houseboats are still afloat.

Here is another screen shot from my phone on the MOHAI exhibit.  Please support this exhibit and support MOHAI.  

still afloat

If you want a tour of Seattle floating homes for sale, please let us know.  We are premiere Lake Union floating home Realtors and we can show you our favorites.  We also are pretty creative when it comes to marketing your Seattle floating home is you are interested in selling.

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