Luxury Seattle Floating Homes: This Market Is Staying Afloat!

Luxury Seattle Floating Homes: This Market Is Staying Afloat!

If you have been in the market as a buyer or seller of Seattle floating homes recently, then you know that it is quite a healthy real estate market. In fact as I wrote recently which was published by the Seattle PI, Seattle floating home sales have already exceeded the volume of both 2010 and 2011!

The entire houseboat market in general is quite healthy in fact, but never have I seen so many luxury Seattle floating homes change hands in any given time frame as I have seen recently.

Seattle luxury floating homes have sold extremely fast with very little marketing time, and have had extremely favorable elements for the sellers including all or mostly cash offers, high net worth buyers with A+ credit for the loans if used, and multiple buyers for one house. It has effectively made the Seattle floating homes market in general a seller’s market, but never so much as it is for the higher end Seattle luxury floating homes.

seattle floating homesLet’s take a look at some of the more recent luxury Seattle floating home sales:

  • 2600 Fairview (Mallard Cove Dock) $950,000 in March 2012
  • 10 E Roanoke (Roanoke Reef) $1,250,000 in June 2012
  • 2700 Boyer Ave E (Portage Bay) $2,025,000 in July 2012

In addition, there is a Fairview Landing floating home currently pending in the MLS with multiple offers listed at $3,375,000 which if finalized in escrow will go down as the largest floating home sale on Lake Union. This market is afloat! Let me know if you need my help buying or selling your next Seattle floating home.

There are no barriers except the ones you put on yourself.

seattle floating homes for sale

Seattle Floating Homes Sales Have Exceeded both 2011 & 2010

Seattle Floating Homes Sales for 2012 Have Exceeded both 2011 & 2010 Market Numbers…and we are only in September

Seattle luxury floating homes

The official count of number of Seattle floating homes sold this year is now even with all of 2011 as well as all of 2010.  13 Floating homes sold this year so far.  I also happen to have closed on a Westlake floating home that I sold yesterday which has not gotten into the official records in the MLS yet, so we are actually at 14 for 2012 so far and have more to come including what could be the highest recorded sale of a Seattle luxury floating home in history.

Here are the details for 13 of the 14 sales which have closed this year so far:


details of floating homes sales 092012

In addition, if you are looking for Seattle floating homes sales of the past:

Seattle floating homes historical sales data

If you are looking at Seattle houseboats and interested in a Seattle floating homes Realtor, let me know how I can help you!  Courtney Cooper 206-850-8841

Seattle Floating Homes: Why You Need The Security Of OWNED Moorage Vs. A Rented Slip

Why You Need The Security Of OWNED Moorage Vs. A Rented Slip

Don’t buy a floating home in a rented slip when there are Seattle floating homes for sale with the security of an owned slip!!!  Why on Earth would you want your investment to not be secure?  The city of Seattle has been dwindling down the Seattle floating community for a hundred years with regular new ordinances and it is more important now than ever to make sure that you are purchasing a floating home that is either on a fee simple dock, a condominium dock, or a co-op dock.  Leased slips are not secure and when you go to sell it, you will have trouble finding buyers who can obtain financing.  The few lenders who lend on Seattle floating homes don’t like to do it on leased docks unless there is a long term lease in place.  
Can the seller obtain owned moorage from their landlord?  Ask them!  

Here is an example of a Seattle floating home for sale that is in its secure OWNED slip: (UPDATE: THIS SEATTLE HOUSEBOAT IS NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE)

Enjoy life afloat in Seattle in one of the most private spots along Westlake: Large kitchen & wonderful sleeping loft, plus a great office. Newer roof and deck – Great access to Downtown, Queen Anne & Fremont, walking/cycling trails (including the Cheshiahud Loop) w/ all the perks of living on Lake Union!  If you are looking for Amazon Housing or other Housing near South Lake Union, then this is a GREAT Choice!

2764 Westlake Ave N Houseboat # D

seattle floating homesOffered at just $255,000

  •   (Co-op owned moorage is a very secure way to own the land that your  is in) Owned Lake Union Moorage Seattle floating home
  • LOW Taxes and dues (you will be shocked at the affordability compared to the warnings some might give you as to the affordability of a Seattle floating home)
  • LOW Mortgage Interest rates available (ask me for referrals for your Seattle Houseboat financing needs because it is different than a traditional mortgage in requirements and terms)
  • Sleeping loft with room to go up below city height restrictions.
  • extra room for office or second sleeping room
  • large bathroom can accomodate a full laundry suite
  • ridiculously large entertaining kitchen
  • Very friendly dock from my experiences there
  • Westlake Cove is quite protected from rougher waters in parts of Lake Union

This is a great Seattle floating home for sale – you can compare it to other Seattle houseboats for sale right now and see that this one is a GREAT BUY!  It is the most affordable Seattle floating home on the market with owned moorage.

Seattle Houseboats Open This Weekend!

Seattle Houseboats Open This Weekend!

Seems like Lake Union real estate might be awakening a bit after a couple months of slower activity.  Come out and see some of our great Seattle houseboat offerings!

Here is the schedule:


Saturday 1/22/2011 From 12-3PM

2401 N Northlake Ave B-17

2764 Westlake Ave N, Houseboat D

2764 Westlake Ave N, Houseboat C


Sunday 1/23/2011 From 12-3PM

2764 Westlake Ave N, Houseboat D

2764 Westlake Ave N, Houseboat C


Are you interested in Seattle houseboats?

Let us know if you would like a private tour of these or any other Seattle Houseboats for sale right now.


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