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The Seattle Floating Homes Association Floating Homes Tour


Lots of happy faces at the Seattle Floating Homes Association Floating Homes Tour yesterday!  The weather held out although it was supposed to pour on us and things went fairly smoothly.

The Tour Committee…………

The tour committee I had the opportunity to work with was wonderful (Thanks you Cathi, Jann, Laura, Melissa, Ingrid, Jo, Sylvia, Amy, Marty, and Bill).


The volunteers were amazing and thoughtful and just such a huge part of making it a great day!  Thank you to all the volunteers who came out in spades – I am so grateful for your help!

The Tour…………….

Tour Volunteer Therese Byrne from Cooper Jacobs Real Estate Services with one of the happy tour goers at a home in Westlake.

There were 12 Floating Homes on Tour plus a bonus Eastlake floating home for sale which got a lot of interest as it was on the same dock as house that was on tour.  In addtion, ticket holders were treated to ferry service going back and forth between Terry Pettus Park and a floating dock in Westlake where they landed right at the famous Sleepless in Seattle houseboat.  The owner was gracious as both a tour volunteer at the boat stop, but also delighted crowds by allowing them to walk around his deck a bit and see where the some of the movie was filmed.

Touring the Mallard Cove open houseboat on the Seattle Floating Homes Tour

There were originally five homes slated to be on tour in Westlake, but due to an emergency, that side of the lake went down to four.  All four homes were quite spectacular and very different from each other.

On the Eastlake side of Lake Union, The Log Foundation Dock was kind enough to have all three of their docks open with a house on each for the tour.  There was also a floating home open on the DOX co-op dock, Tenas Chuck, The Willow Co-op dock, Roanoke Reef, and Mallard Cove.  All of these floating homes were unique and presented different ways of living on the lake.

PR Diva Laura at the coffee stand sponsored by Denise Carlson at Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union.

Thanks to all the great people who came out to support the Seattle Floating Homes Association and Seattle’s Houseboat community!
This is a very special Seattle neighborhood and proceeds from the 1200 tickets sold (SOLD OUT!!!) go towards keeping Seattle houseboats afloat as the city and other forces continually try to add restrictions to one of Seattle’s oldest and most historical neighborhoods.

Make sure and look for updates on the Seattle Floating Homes Tour Facebook page for the next tour – it only happens every other year and you should buy your tickets as early as possible.  We had a waiting list of at least 50 people on Sunday.

If you are interested in Seattle houseboats or have pictures to share from the tour, please feel free to post them here or send them to me and I will add them.


Thanks to my very special brokers at Cooper Jacobs Real Estate Services (and their spouses in some cases).

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  2. I’d like to give Courtney a standing ovation for taking on the most important role of all – MASTER COORDINATOR! Decked out (sorry for the pun) in Nike Running Shoes, Courtney dashed from Fairview’s Log Foundation Docks to Westlake’s Sleepless Docks in a single bound. A-Boards strategically placed to direct the SOLD OUT crowd, Courtney and her family have dedicated many hours for this year’s tour and I no one could have done a better job. YOU ROCKED IT! RIP colored coded spreadsheets. 😉

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