Eastlake floating home for sale and a nice view of dock and lake.
This Eastlake floating home is nicely appointed towards the end of The Lake Union dock.

Why Eastlake?

Living in Eastlake is simply an incredible way to live in the city! Even if you don’t choose a Lake Union floating home, the neighborhood itself is always a favorite among Seattle houseboats buyers. Eastlake residents are drawn to this vibrant neighborhood because it is in the heart of Lake Union and the city. Known for its incredible sunsets and front row seat to the July 4th fireworks, Eastlake offers nature and city perfectly combined. It lies on the banks of Lake Union and is on the Lake Union Loop which connects to other regional trails including the Burke Gilman. Eastlake has a strong commercial core, but still feels small town. Eastlakers are hardy and loyal and tons of fun. Eastlake “Houseboats” as the “old timers” call them range from modest with humble beginnings to high end sleek luxury floating homes with concrete floats and even under water basements.

Eastlake is where you will find the largest collection of remaining floating homes in the city. The docks stretch out and each one has its own organization. Some are cooperatively owned moorages and some have formed condominium dock organizations. There are even some floating homes in Eastlake that are owned fee simple similar to a traditional land home. These are all considered the most secure forms of “owning your slip” so make sure you know which type of ownership the floating home you are interested in has. There are still a few that are owned by one dock owner who leases slips out to the home owners.

Ask The Floating Homes Experts –

If you are interested in learning more about Seattle waterfront community or homes here, please let us know! We can help you with on and off market Seattle floating homes as well as land homes in Eastlake. We are part of and highly networked into the Eastlake and floating homes community so we know what might be around the corner as far as opportunities go.

What’s For Sale On The Lake In Eastlake

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